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Bathrooms are a sanctuary for many, where they start and end their day. We can completely renovate your bathroom or change the tiles, re-grout, repair, or whatever your tile needs are. We can also help you design your bathroom as we have seen hundreds of bathrooms in our years of working.



The backsplash in a kitchen can either make it or break it, it is super important to have an elegant and well designed backsplash to make your kitchen pop. This is one of the most popular services we provide, feel free to see our Gallery page for pictures of our tiling work.


Kitchen Floors

If you have an old kitchen floor and want to make it more modern, give us a call. We can remove the old flooring and install a brand new tile floor. Check out our Gallery page to see the great work we do.



The foyer is the first part of the interior people see when they walk in to your house. The foyer typically can get damaged due to wear and tear over the years, let us install a brand new tile foyer for you.



Does your shower have cracked tiles? Looks outdated? Needs a refresh? There is so many options, give us a call and we'd be happy to work with you.

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