The Top Three Home Tile Trends Coming In 2023

The new year brings in the latest trends, new styles, and home projects. 2023 is a year that signifies strength, bravery, and courage – making a leap from safe colors to more strong tones.

How to select tiles for home remodeling?

Tile orientation is essential while searching for home tiles. The material used in homes must be on-trend and classic. The timeless look allows interior design to have lasting effects. The tile choice entirely depends upon the clients and the way they want their house to look. After a lot of research and market trend analysis, it was concluded that the three top trends that will be the most popular designs in 2023 are: Tiles with Metallic Tones, Wood-Look Tiles, and Textured Tile Tactile Design. Therefore, different textures and tile sequences add character and charm to a home.

Textures Tile Tactile Design

Textured surfaces are attractive and eye-catching. When you see them, you want to want to touch them to feel them. They have a lasting and nostalgic effect which is another essential element, especially for home remodeling. Emotional associations and bonds with homes are an undeniable aspect, where people want to create associations with the place, they live in. The concept of customization has sprouted from the association a person develops with places and how they feel secure, cozy, and comfortable living in them.


There are different ways to add tiles and textures to your home walls. Relief tiles are tiles that provide a 3D effect that is a great option for a textured wall effect. It adds a wow factor to the wall apart from just the touch. Moreover, there is a wide variety of contrasting grout colors that create an amazing wall effect. For instance, the use of mosaics and metros, split face tiles, and relief tiles are used to create a wall that is incredibly looking and feeling. All these help in bringing the desired homely yet natural associative effect into your home. Split face tiles as the name suggests, help in adding more texture and depth to the home interior. In addition to the wall décor and tile adjustments, tactile rugs, 3D artwork pieces and throw cushions enhance the nostalgic ever-lasting effect. New year interior design trends cannot miss out on these natural touchy-feely tile options.


Textured tiles are great for kitchens, pool walk areas, and bathrooms. However, the key is to stay consistent with the color palette being used and make use of contemporary colors in combination with blur boundaries to enhance the overall look. Switching up the scale is important, through using accessories to tie design and color together.

Tiles with Metallic Tones

Metallic tones have taken the lead in modern interior designs from furniture, wall art, décor, and industrial lighting. As more and more people are interested and exploring the potential of current trends, they tend to use deep metallic tones and hues and add textures to their home or office interiors. Initially associated with warehouse furnishing, metallics have outgrown their previous image to produce a cozier feeling. Metallic tones are great when mixed with natural textures bringing out a pleasant, classic, and authentic look. Some natural textures that go hand in hand with metallic tiles are brick, wood, leather, and marble.

These are some ideal choices while trying to portray a more industrial statement. Copper, Black, and Dull Gold are metallic shades that are timeless and present a more luxurious warm look. However, the new year is about boldness and bravery; metallic blues and greys add strength and a modern industrial statement.

It is advisable to add a touch of metallic tones in the whole bathroom, as a way of enhancing the overall experience and giving a more lustrous effect. Metallic tile trends are the top trends in interior design for 2023. These tile trends have earned great popularity and familiarity over time. People are shifting their specifications to more lustrous and industrious looks, as their choices transform from traditional interiors to modern looks.

It is important to stay consistent with one tone throughout the house. Some homeowners chose to change themes from room to room, which doesn’t create a nice effect. Using the same tiles makes a seamless finishing effect and makes a place look bigger than it is. Moreover, while choosing the tile size, considered that there is minimum wastage and a tile that creates fewer joint lines. All these aspects help in enhancing the visual effect of the place.


Wood-Look Tiles

Wooden tiles or wood-look tiles are popularly used for walls and floors, as they offer a more natural look and feel to the home. These provide a look with low wear and tear and without any maintenance. Wood-look tiles can be made from different materials, given the technology options we have nowadays. They can be made from materials like porcelain, glass, and marble even. Moreover, if a more chevron pattern is required, it is suggested to use wood-look planks for designing the walls and floor. These add a genuinely natural look and feel. It’s a design comeback from the 1970s, and it adds a classic yet contemporary personality to the overall space. Generally, natural textures and aesthetics prove to be more comforting, cozy, and homely spaces. Therefore, wood-look tiles are a great choice for designing walls and floors. The use of porcelain tiles gives a modern paneled design for the walls and a chevron floor design.


Shades of brown, shades of grey, white, taupe, and beige colors mainly go with the natural wood-look tile interiors. These colors are used to create a more balanced look that enhances the overall interior design of a house. The use of light colors creates a perfect balance with the wood-colored walls and flooring. An array of textures that we can add to wood-look homes include; painted surfaces, metal, concrete, woven fabrics and leather upholstered seating. It is better to avoid darker yellow and brown variations as too many color contracts can clash. Neutrals like off-whites, cooler whites, and soft greys go well with wooden tones.

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