Affordable And Stylish Alternatives To Granite Countertops

Granite counters are very popular countertop materials for the kitchen, sometimes they may not appeal to homeowners. There are numerous high-value alternatives available in the market that are more attractive and cheaper as compared to granite. Some of the alternatives are more durable, offer beauty and serve a great return on investment. These are; limestone, wood, tile, stainless steel, marble, concrete, laminate, sintered stone, soapstone, and quartz.


It is a porous stone, ranging between $15 to $ 35 per square foot. It gives a very neutral and elegant look because of its light colors – for example; yellow, grey, beige, tan, and pink. As this is formed from calcium carbonate it will tend to dissolve over some time and give a more brittle effect if exposed to acidic solutions. Moreover, it is advised not to make use of corrosive cleaners on this surface as it will lead to erosion and damage. It is advised to seal it annually to maintain its look and shine.


There is no rival to this material, engineered or natural. Wood countertops give the right visual uplift and warmth to the kitchen. It makes the entire kitchen more elegant and classier, with a little extra work and research. Traditional wooden countertops vary in price from $35 to $200 per square foot. It has many shades, easier and cheaper to install. The scratches can be taken out and the surface needs cleaning/oiling every 3-6 months which is not a problem. The material is weathered and quiet to work on, feels warm, and improves with time. The lifespan for this material is also above 100 years.


Tiles are installed in homes where owners want a more customized outlook and prefer modern interiors and timeless designs. They are made of mainly ceramic or porcelain, which is why they have a polished, shiny, and classic look. However, they required proper maintenance and cleaning over time to retain the look. The price is considerably low as compared to other substitutes ranging between $5 to $30 per square foot. Being a cheap material, they are great for DIY projects and have to get grout resealed each year. The life span of tiles is not as much as marble or quartz, it's merely 20 years or above with maintenance.

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Stainless Steel

Steel gives a very modern and high-maintenance feeling due to its sleek look and clean surface. The kitchen ambiance reaches a whole new chef level, and the countertops are way more durable than any other alternative. Moreover, they tend to match any décor and any styling done. The cost ranges between $75 to $150 per square foot, a moderately expensive option. On the contrary, the surface gets dented easily, but low maintenance and gives a great industrial look to the kitchen area.



Marble countertops are a very reasonable and classy substitute for granite. It costs between $125 to $200 per square foot, in multiple colors. The countertop surface looks utterly unique because of the natural mineral deposits in this stone giving it uniquely unusual patterns. Marble gives a high-end look and has a great life span, of 100 years and above. However, it has its drawbacks as well, porous and soft as compared to granite and gets scratched easily. There will be slight changes in appearance but can be cleaned quickly and the surface can be treated with a special sealer.


Another alternative to granite is concrete. It is a very attractive and highly functional material but requires support because of its heavy weight. It magnifies the kitchen look by bringing in a combination of nature and a modern stainless-steel look. The price range is $70 to $150, which is a moderate price range. Concrete can be used to make built-in sinks apart from countertops, and is customizable. The main drawback of this material is its weight and its porous texture which absorbs liquids way too easily. Concrete sealants are used to maintain the surface and avoid stains. Its life span is 50 years and more, depending upon usage and maintenance.


There is a wide range of qualities, colors, and styles of laminate counters. This is another cheap alternative to granite. The price is between $25 to $50, and you can get any pattern or color in any look. The best part of this material is that it can be covered by another layer of laminate. The lifespan is 15 years to 25 years, depending on maintenance.


Recycled and Sintered Stone

Sintered stone is a recycled composite of porcelain, ceramic, silica, stone, and glass which depends on the material already used on countertops. This is durable and environmentally friendly. Sintered stone is stained-resistant, scratch, bacteria, and heat-resistant as well. It is low maintenance and needs epoxy resealing.



The stone has a higher talc concentration and serves as a great counter top material. Although it is slightly soft in comparison to granite, it does not require any sealing. Soapstone ranges between $70 to $ 120 per square foot, and comes in various shades of grey, blue and green hues. It is very durable and heat resistant which makes it one of the most suited materials for kitchen countertops. Being a durable and no sealing material it is regarded as a low-maintenance option for the kitchen.


Quartz is a little lower maintenance and a low-cost substitute for marble countertops. The price ranges between $50 to $150 per square foot. The advantages of this material are low cost and no sealing required. The lifespan of this one is similar to that of marble. This makes a nonporous top as opposed to comparatively soft marble. Moreover, it is health friendly and doesn’t cause any allergies or harmful by-products.

How to decide affordable and stylish alternative to granite countertops?

The most important aspects to consider while deciding between alternatives for granite kitchen countertops are; heat resistance of materials, porosity, hardness, sealing, and price. All these help in evaluating whether an alternative is right in the kitchen.

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